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Welcome to Noosa 
Family Chiropractic

Why Naturopathy

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through what's known as an adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

At NFC we pay particular attention to the function of your body and nervous system and to find the cause of your discomfort, rather than being another "bandaid". We also care for newborns and children, with a focus on their development, both motor and neuronal and provide simple home care exercises to contribute to your child's growth and development.

Regular visits to a chiropractor can help with a variety of issues such as back and neck pain, headaches, and even improve your overall well-being. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, or simply want to improve your overall health and wellness, seeing a chiropractor may be beneficial for you.  

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Noosa Family Chiropractic Noosa Junction Health Care

Why Chiropractic?

It can help with

Noosa Family Chiropractic Noosa Junction Health Care

Meet the Team

Meet Amelia

Meet Dr. Mikaela Wilson


B H Sc (Chiropractic) B App Sc (Chiropractic)
Diplomate in Paediatric
Functional Neurology

The face behind Noosa Family Chiropractic


My passion lies in whole family chiropractic care, infant and childhood development, adolescent and women’s health and mental health. It was such a pleasure creating a natural, calm and safe space for our community here in the Noosa Junction.


Having completed a two year post grad Diplomate in Neuro-developmental Paediatrics, it allows me to combine my love for children with the knowledge it takes to support their systems to thrive. 


Whist in practice I am lit up by deep conversations and connections with people, seeing people’s personal lives change because they are more in tune and aligned with themselves, and precious moments with babies and kids make my day.


Out of practice I enjoy sipping coffee at a local café with my husband Jordan, moving my body with pilates, yoga or running through the National Park, ocean swims, music, and sharing good food and drinks with friends. 

Jordan and I are both originally Victorian’s, but have been in Noosa for almost three years now and I can’t see us moving back ;)


I can’t wait to see you; my family based practice is here to empower and expand you, to come home to your body and cultivate more YOU. 

Meet Dr. Marni Grabsch

B H Sc (Chiropractic) B App Sc (Chiropractic)

Dr Marni has always loved chiropractic She was first introduced to chiropractic very early on in life when she was adjusted by her aunt, whom is also a chiropractor. She has been surrounded by chiropractic ever since, 2/3 of her siblings are also Chiro’s!!

Chiropractic care has helped to keep Marni fit and injury free throughout her very active life.

Outside of the practice Marni loves spending time in the sunshine with her partner and golden retriever Loki, long days on the beach and picnics with family and friends. Marni also enjoys days at the snow, but is currently trying to swap out the snowboard for a surfboard.

Dr Marni loves being apart of the NFC team and says “I welcome everyone, from birth to all ages, as I believe chiropractic care is a wonderful tool for the maintenance of health, wellness and illness prevention. I cannot wait to meet and look after you and your beautiful family!”


Meet Dr. Somala Jacobs

B H Sc (Chiropractic) B App Sc (Chiropractic)

I was born and raised in Noosa and after years of traveling, working overseas, studying and living in Melbourne, my husband Adam and I moved back to Gubbi Gubbi Country to put our roots down at home. 


It was such a beautiful childhood growing up at the beach and camping up and down the coast and we are so excited to give that same experience to our baby girl Skipper. 


After a beautiful maternity leave, I am excited to be back in practice. I absolutely adore being a mum to my baby girl and having worked with many babies and women pre and post their pregnancies as a chiropractor, it has been incredible and humbling to have these experiences myself now.  

I love my work as a chiropractor and understand that our health is multifaceted. When treating clients, I love to look at the physical, chemical and emotional factors in their life that may be contributing to their current state of being. The vision I hold when I practice is to help facilitate calm in my clients’ nervous systems so that their bodies can be more at ease, allowing a higher expression of health and creativity to come through. 


Before I began my chiropractic degree, I studied clinical nutrition and health coaching. Since graduating as a chiropractor, I have gone on to study Sacro Occipital Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique, functional fascial reconditioning as well as studies and mentoring in paediatric care. 


I love being part of the team at NFC. Outside of adjusting you will find me at the beach with my family or out and about taking photos. I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Meet Xandria

Chiropractic Assistant

Since I was knee high to a grasshopper I've received Chiropractic care. Not being able to walk properly as a child my Mother, who was also a big Chiro advocate, took me to see a Chiropractor and results were instant. My passion for quality of life, health and wellness has been an important priority throughout my life. 

I grew up with the humidity, sunshine and wide open spaces on a North Queensland cane farm.
Wanting to replicate this lifestyle I've settled here in the Noosa Hinterland with my Husband and two dogs. For the last 10 years we've been making our dreams and goals come true with our micro farm and straw bale house.  

When I'm not in the garden, you'll find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm. I enjoy pilates, hiking and camping. But I'm often tapping into my creative side also. With a Bachelor of Arts, painting and drawing is another passion of mine. I love sharing this passion in my art workshops. Connecting, creating and good bursts of laughter is always uplifting for the soul. 

Even though 25 years of fast paced hospitality was enjoyable and challenging I decided that it was time to change direction. Working alongside this amazing team at Noosa Family Chiropractic supports my belief in the importance of a healthy mind and body for a long, happy life.
Seeing people receive the benefit of a calm and aligned nervous system is powerful and inspiring


Meet Dayle

Chiropractic Assistant

A gypsy at heart, I started off on an adventure over 18 months ago from country Victoria and didn't make it past Noosa. I'm very much enjoying the warmth and salty beach life and so happy to now call this beautiful coast home. 


Outside the practice you might find me hiking to the sea, relaxing on the beach, reading or with a crochet project on the hook. I also have a passion for cooking and traveling and love to explore new places and indulge in the amazing food on offer. 


Havin experienced regular Chiropractic care since my early teens and through all sorts of life adventurers, I am excited to welcome you into Noosa Family Chiropractic so you too can feel the benefits. 

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Initial Assessment



During an initial consultation with a chiropractor they will first discuss your health history, then conduct a physical examination, including a series of tests to assess the patient's range of motion, muscle strength, and reflexes. After the examination, the chiropractor will discuss their findings with the patient and explain their proposed treatment plan. This may include adjustments, exercises, and other therapies. The patient will also be given any necessary care instructions. The first visit usually takes around 30-45 minutes.

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Standard Consultation


A regular visit with a chiropractor typically begins with a brief check-in and review of the patient's symptoms since the last visit. The chiropractor will then perform any necessary adjustments to the patient's spine or other joints. The adjustments will be tailored to the patient's specific needs and may include adjustments with an activator, blocks, manual manipulation, mobilisation, or other techniques. After the adjustments, the chiropractor may give the patient exercises or other therapeutic recommendations to help maintain the gains made during the visit. The patient will also be given any necessary care instructions. The duration of a regular visit can vary, but it usually lasts around 15 minutes

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A chiropractic re-exam appointment is a check-up for patients who have not received chiropractic care in the last 6 months or longer. During this appointment, the chiropractor will review the patient's medical history and current symptoms, perform a physical examination, and possibly take new X-rays if necessary. The chiropractor will also assess the patient's progress and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan. This appointment takes around 30 minutes and is important to ensure the patient continues to receive effective and safe chiropractic care.

Noosa Family Chiropractic Noosa Junction Health Care

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