Dr Rosemary Keating


B App Sc (Chiropractic) M Chiro Sc (Paed)  Diplomate Functional Neurology (Carrick) 

Rosemary loves being a Chiropractor and has practiced for nearly 28 years.  She graduated from Melbourne  and a love of learning and children led to a completion of a Masters Degree in Paediatrics in 1995.  She designs and co-facilitates Inspiral Kids…Dynamic Development seminars for Chiropractors, speaks nationally and internationally and is a sought after Coach. In 2013 she completed the Carrick Institute 300 hour program and examinations, and was awarded the Diplomate in Functional Neurology. She is a founding director of College of Chiropractic Paediatrics, a not for profit organisation dedicated to Education, Collaboration and Research. She is passionately interested in how our brains work and the idea of neuroplasticity – the fact that our brain can change and adapt.  Through her work, she applies this to babies and their development, and indeed people of all ages – flexible mind, flexible brain, flexible body!

Terri Scott 

Chiropractic Assistant

Terri loves being a part of the Noosa Family Chiropractic team, working with all our wonderful families, individuals and children.   Having worked as a chiropractic assistant for 10 years and having regular chiropractic care throughout her life, chiropractic has been an integral part of Terri’s health and wellbeing.  Complimenting her philosophy of natural health and the body’s ability to heal itself, Terri’s interests include yoga and spending time at the beach with her 3 boys and husband, Glenn.  She also has a love of essential oils and how they can contribute to health and wellbeing. From this love, Terri is able to bring their healing qualities to more and more people.